Book Review: “The Next Few Years Will Change Your Life” by Travis Hansen

Travis HansenOftentimes we look at professional athletes with awe or even envy, and forget that they are people just like us with their share of challenges and difficulties. In Travis Hansen’s new book, “The Next Few Years Will Change Your Life,” the former BYU and professional basketball player describes some of those challenges with hopes that it will help individuals learn from his experiences and motivate them to positive action.

The book is geared toward youth, but it has helped me as an adult and parent. I have already shared two stories from the book during family home evening lessons. The first was a description of how Hansen dressed while playing professional basketball in Russia. The story helped teach my children that the latest and greatest items are not really necessary. The second, a story from his youth, illustrated that consequences follow our actions, whether good or bad.

I have also discussed accounts from the book with my wife that helped us regain perspective in life—that as we strive to do what’s right, Heavenly Father will reveal his plan for us, even when things aren’t going the way we want them to at the present time.

I appreciate Hansen’s openness in sharing his experiences. His interesting stories about playing basketball in college, the NBA and European basketball leagues gave me hope to continue reaching for righteous desires and reminded me that challenges are a part of life that we must either overcome or make necessary adjustments to avoid.

The print version features QR codes that take you to YouTube videos of related content. The Deseret Bookshelf version will play the videos directly in the app. The videos not only support the written content, but also highlight Hansen’s personality, including his easy sense of humor. The book also contains helpful worksheets that will set you on a path to self-improvement.

I recommend this book not only to youth, but also to anyone looking for the encouragement and tools to pursue and achieve worthy goals.

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